Dispatch has a new home on the web

Download Dispatch itself! Links to both app stores as well as documentation, updates about what we’ve been doing and the latest news in the world of privacy and cyber security can be found at our new home on the internet, linked above.

Dispatch Election Day Coverage is Live!

Thanks to all our alpha testers! We look forward to your feedback. Click this post to visit the Dispatch Politics Tumblog.

Election Coverage with Dispatch and Tumblr

Thanks to lots of hard work and collaboration over the past several weeks, the Dispatch alpha release is almost ready. We’re teaming up with Tumblr for our first field test: using Dispatch to cover election day, especially in the New York City area. The objective is simple: to use Dispatch to report on the experiences of real people in the New York City area as they engage with the election process on November 6. Participants in the field test will have their contributions posted to a designated Tumblog that will be monitored throughout the day (and into the evening) by the politics folks at Tumblr, who will be on the lookout for especially high-quality content to promote and/or reblog.

Anyone is welcome to participate, though we are especially interested in working with citizen and professional journalists, as well as journalism students. Participation is not an all day commitment; we are interested in hearing your coverage ideas, which can focus on a particular time of day or area of the city. We will require attendance at a short, 1-hour orientation session where we will help you install and setup the app, and troubleshoot any immediate technical issues. After that, we’ll look forward to seeing your coverage and hearing your feedback!

To register, fill out the form at the following link:


Please feel free to contact us with any questions; we look forward to working with you.

Dispatch: Usage overview

Dispatch: Usage overview

Dispatch wireframes: contacts, groups and additional features

Dispatch wireframes: basic use

Dispatch presents at the ONA 2012 Midway

At the Online News Association’s annual conference this year, Dispatch joined The Midway - a new demonstration space at the conference for organizations with new tools for digital journalism. Team members Kanak Biscuitwala and Susan McGregor used the event - the premier conference for digital journalists - as a chance to present Dispatch to the industry and gather feedback from digital journalism professionals.

While we’re not quite ready to share the results of our survey on digital tool usage among journalists, we did get the word out about what Dispatch is and does through both a lunchtime presentation on Saturday, September 22, and our post about project.

Dispatch: Project contributions, related work & conclusions

Dispatch: Field tests & results

Dispatch: Implementation and technical approach

Dispatch: Resilient to internet disruption

Dispatch: Instant mobile publishing

Dispatch: A secure communication and coordination tool

Dispatch: Needs of citizens and journalists

Dispatch: Introduction and Overview